Red Box’s coffee beans are ethical, traceable and sustainable. Our love for coffee and the environment comes from its power to connect people from all over the world with a shared interest and goal. The Red Telephone box is the symbol of communication form an earlier time. Present day people communicate over the mobile phone and more times than not over a coffee or tea. With our company ethos of ethical, traceable and sustainable coffee that- Coffee communicates- coffee talks- coffee helps.

Red Box Coffee Awards

Great Taste Awards

  • Decaf Colombian: 1-star 2022
  • Elegant British Breakfast Tea: 3-Star 2020
  • Proper Peppermint Tea: 2-Star 2020
  • Marchmont Roast Espresso (Sweet Espresso roast): 2-Star 2020
  • Platinum Fairtrade: 1-Star 2019
  • Earl Grey Blue Flower Tea: 1-Star 2019
  • Classico Roast Espresso: 2-Star 2018
  • Hibiscus, Rose & Apple Infusion: 1-Star 2018
  • Lemongrass, Papaya & Ginger Infusion: 1-Star 2017
  • Strawberry & Mint Infusion: 1-Star 2017


Daniel Campbell Founder- Scotland food and drink ambassador for taste for tourism.


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