Coffee For Business

Our primary goal is for your business needs and requirements to work for you and your customers. We believe in honest and transparency from the of set. Our commitment to you is total commitment of the quality of coffee and tea you serve, and it’s extremely important for us where we source our beans, how our beans are roasted, the machinery we provide down to the service and the training. Our product range means that we can offer the whole coffee and tea solution, please click on link to see the full range.

Currently we cater for all spectrums of businesses all around the UK from offices, cafes, hotels and gardens centres. We understand that every business is different, and we tailor the package to suit your requirements. We are not just a coffee supplier, along with 30 years in the coffee industry we are part of the Cobbs Group where we operate cafes and hotels throughout Scotland. So, we empathise with hotels and coffee houses and we are happy to share our vast knowledge. The reason we do what we do is we were disappoint with the coffee suppliers out in the market. The lack of service, quality and false promises hence coming up with our own coffee solutions. The different solutions that work in our group will work for your business and increase your sales.


Once you are a Red Box partner, we offer a complimentary training session either at your site or in our Edinburgh Training School with a member of our skilled team. We don’t just show you how to make fantastic coffees we also go into depth about the whole coffee journey from being picked down to the Espresso its self. We want you and your team to have the confidence and knowledge to make a consistent high-quality coffee every time. Please check out our videos on the links provided.

The training can be provided even if you don’t use Red Box, for more information and prices please contact for more details.

Red Box Coffee are extremely proud to offer a vast range of equipment and work alongside industry renowned names such as Conti, FRANKE & Bravilor. From traditional machines, bean to cup and filter equipment Red Box has got it covered. It’s equally important not just to get the coffee right its also the equipment you buy. We believe in commercially viable equipment and believe you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune on equipment, but something that makes consistent high-quality coffee with a high output. Working with these amazing companies means that we have trained engineers who coved the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. If you are in John O’Groats or Lands’ end Red Box helps you have the back if something goes wrong.

We want to provide the best quality service to our clients to ensure a long-lasting relationship where we can grow together. To see how Red Box coffee can grow your business, fill out the form, or give a call and let’s meet for a coffee

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