Equipment. (We look forward to be adding Eversys to our Bean to Cup range in the near future)

Coffee Machines 

Our state-of-the-art & energy efficient FRANKE bean to cup machines are simple to use, easy to clean and maintain. The FRANKE engineers have a UK wide reach, so you have peace of mind that we have you covered. Whether your business is in the food service or an office environment these machines are a perfect solution for you and your customers.

  • FRANKE A400 FM- Output 3x cups per minute

    The ideal choice for the hotel industry, retail, convenience stores, bakeries, offices, and book stores.

  • FRANKE A600 FM- Output 4x cups per minute

    The ideal choice for the full-service catering trade, cafés, the hotel industry, retail, convenience stores, bakeries, and offices

  • FRANKE A800 FM- Output 5x cups per minute

    The ideal choice for fast-food restaurants, the full-service catering trade, cafés, the hotel trade, and retail.

  • FRANKE A1000 FM- Output 6x cups per minute

    The ideal choice for fast-food restaurants, the full-service catering trade, cafés, the hotel trade, and retail.


Traditional Espresso Machines

Red Box offers the very best in traditional barista equipment and tools. The Conti range is one of the most reliable and efficient machinery in the market place. The engineers we work with have a UK wide reach and are fully trained by Conti and carry a full range of spares in their van. Still want to know more? Please get in touch and we can recommend the machine for your needs. Or come to our café and see one in action.

Conti CC100

  • The CC100 series features exceptional build quality, consistent espresso extraction, compact size and incredible value for money. Available in numerous colours and configurations from small and compact 1 group through to a 3 grp for higher volume location.

  • Conti CC100 compact

  • Conti X-one

    The X-ONE has been designed for the aspiring barista and high volume operator.

    We have built upon the features pioneered within the CC100 model by incorporating advanced electronics, the X-ONE allows the user to monitor coffee quality, machine performance and provides audit trails to help keep any business in touch with their sales.

  • Conti X-one tci

    Sharing the same chassis and design basis as the X-ONE, the TCI model incorporates a unique temperature control system to allow the barista to easily adjust boiler & coffee water temperature replicating the ideals achieved within a multi boiler machine.

    The ideal machine for a high-volume environment that refuses to compromise on quality.

  • Conti Monte Carlo    

    Our incredible Multi boiler flagship, incorporates years of design and research into one beautifully designed espresso machine. We started with individual coffee group boilers, we have taken temperature stability to the next level by pre-heating the coffee boiler water feed and also inserting a PID controlled heating cartridge within the group itself to perfectly 'polish' our coffee temperature.


At Red Box we want you to achieve a consistent perfect coffee every time. Along with the right machine you need a great grinder that is why we stock a range of industry renowned on demand grinders.   

  • Eureka Mignon Brew pro – On demand for Filter coffee and Decaf beans- Available in White, Red or Black
  • Eureka Zenith HS E- High speed, On demand grinder for Espresso machine- Available in Grey, Black, White 
  • Helios 65- on demand grinder with incredible grinding speed. 18 grams in under 5 seconds
  • Helio 80- The Helio 65 if it has worked out in the grinder gym for a year or two. Next level re grinding speed. Super consistent also.

Filter Coffee brewing

We have fantastic brewing equipment available where you can brew top quality filter coffee. Our range caters for simple pour over machines for cafes to catering to large banquets with our thermal brewers.

  • Bravilor Mondo
  • Bravilor Aurora single
  • Bravilor Aurora Twin