All the Fun of the Fair - Award Winning Bundle 3x 250g

All the Fun of the Fair - Award Winning Bundle 3x 250g

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Red Box Classico Roast Coffee, Great Taste 2-Star 2018

The clue is in the name, this coffee is a true classic crema style Arabica/
Robusta blend. The flavours combine to give a rich, indulgent, smooth, slightly nutty flavour, a hint of dark fruits with chocolate velvety textures. It produces a fantastic smooth crema to indulge all coffee lovers.


Red Box Platinum Fairtrade Coffee, Great Taste 1-Star 2019

This Espresso blend is a fully certified Fairtrade blend that delivers a fantastic balance of amazing flavours. There’s almond nuttiness with a soft chocolatey smoothness. This is a true standout blend to delight any palate.


Red Box Sweet Espresso,  Great Taste 2-Star 2020

Rich and deep on the nose, this coffee has a big whack of juicy acidity which develops into a smooth sweetness with huge depth and character. A lovely full mouthfeel and a real taste journey. The beans are well-blended, producing a wonderful aroma and the coffee is equally delicious with milk.