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When you are drinking a Red Box Coffee or Tea, you are ensuring a premium wage for the farmers who grow and gather crops for us. The incredible journey that your tea and coffee make to get into your cup is one that requires expertise at all stages. We are lucky enough to have these world class products available to us, but it is always worth sparing a thought for the work that has been put into making it at each stage. Sip and enjoy the taste, whilst knowing it is doing good in the world.

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We got a 9.17 out of 10 from our customer feedback survey done at the end of 2023. Feedback included 'excellent customer service and prompt delivery'

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Coffee Training Available

Whether you are a business or a homebrewer that has bought from our online store, we would happily offer advice on your brewing process. This could come in the form of advice over an email or visiting us to do a coffee training session on your chosen method of making magic. Our in-house coffee trainer is Chris Dunstan, you may know him from working at either Fort Kinnaird or Red Box Marchmont. Chris has worked in the coffee industry for around 15 years, so he has picked up a thing or two on his journey.

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Award winning Artisan Coffee

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We have a wide range of everything coffee and tea for home use and for busy cafes.

Coffee Machines for Home and Business.

The Conti Ace-perfect for coffee making at home

The Conti Ace is an investment. It is a promise to yourself and those who visit you, that never again will I make anything less than incredible here. It looks visually stunning and could actually be used for low level business operations as well, as its output for a small machine is quite impressive.

Contact chris@redboxcoffee.com should you wish to purchase the Conti Ace, or look at any other home coffee making solutions.

The Top of the Range Conti MC Ultima

The Ultima is not only an aesthetically pleasing machine, but it has huge potential. This machine can create magic to a high volume and with a high quality. Also, it has been proven that by standing next to such a beautiful bit of kit, you actually get happier.

Contact chris@redboxcoffee.com should you wish to discuss the purchase of the Conti MC Ultima or any other machine for your business.

The Travellers Coffee-The Wacaco

Please contact chris@redboxcoffee.com if you wish to know more about this bit of kit.

It is a manual device, which requires hot water to operate. It is essentially a hand pump which allows you to manually pump hot water through coffee, creating just enough pressure to produce a lovely small cup of joe. There are several different models within the Wacaco range. One that uses ground coffee and one that uses nespresso style pods.

We were on the brink of producing our own Red Box Compostable Coffee Pods and offering them along with the Wacaco for anyone that would be in need of a coffee outdoors.

This is not a path that has ended for Red Box, should there be a surge in people demanding them from us, then we must do what the people want right.

Watch the Space

So much so is my passion for coffee that I have a great tendency to forget that we have REALLY GREAT TEA! We are also super close to adding 5 more new teas to our range and also a new strand to our retail offering.

If you have any questions re;

-our current tea offering

-Our 5 new lines

-or our new strand to our retail teas, which is nearing completion.

Contact chris@redboxcoffee.com

The Chemex. Is this the perfect symbol for trying to be greener, but there largely always being a flip side.

I am ashamed to say that the Chemex was not really on my radar early doors in my coffee career. It only recently popped its big glass head around the digital door. Yups, that means I have still not used one....but I will.

Does the Chemex perfectly sum up our problem/confusion as people, when we are trying to greener and reducing our carbon footprint. It is essentially just a glass body with a wooden collar and a tie. This seems pretty good in general....and in general it is. However, the amount of paper used when using a Chemex is largely 3 or 4 times more than other similar products, like a V60. I have no real conclusion to this section other than, it does seem like a pretty good symbol of comparison.