Red Box Picture Advent

The Red Box Advent is just a daft wee game to play over the period leading up to Christmas. Much like an advent calendar, it will be daily. It will be a picture in the style of Where's Wally. We will hide the Yellow Red Box Branded Espresso Cup in a picture and each day, when it is posted, you will need to find it in the scene. 

I am afraid I cannot get a mini chocolate to everyone that plays each day, but I will try to make some of the photos as daft as possible. There will be some easy ones and some harder ones, but I know you are all excellent at hide and seek, so we should be fine. 


Have a wonderful December!




December the 1st 2023

 Our customer The Royal Oak Hotel-Cullen, has been kind enough to take part in this Red Box Digital Advent. They have submitted the red cup picture and the photo of the tree scene, in which the red cup needs to be found. (This one took me longer than it should have- well played The Royal Oak). Thanks for being fantastic and wanting to get involved. 

Only now having a realisation of how long a page this will potentially be with up to 50 pictures on it. Will work with those logistics as we go. Stay most excellent folks.